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Miami Lighthouse at Sunset


Christian, Fun, Educational, Parent-Led,
Related Arts Co-Op for Moms and Children!

Welcome to Lighthouse Co-Op! Thank you for your interest in our program. 


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A Beacon of Light

Our goal is to build a community of homeschooling families that support each other as we seek to assist, encourage, and guide you as you instill a lifetime love of learning in your children.
We are enrichment oriented and focus on offering classes within the related arts, while still incorporating aspects of core academic subjects.


Bible, Music, Spanish, Public Speaking, Art, Science Lab, and PE

Woman with Bible


Students will develop a knowledge of God’s Word, a focused heart on sharing the Gospel with the world, and a Biblical worldview.

Sheet Music


Students will continually answer the question: What do I say about the music I hear? Concepts taught are drawn from the six essential elements of music: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Form, Timbre, and Expression.

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Students will begin their introduction to Spanish by focusing on the four key areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Lecture on Religion


Students will improve communication skills, increase self-esteem/confidence, plan and organize their thoughts, express their ideas in front of the class and develop leadership skills. Weekly “Performance Tips” are given and practiced during each class.

This class will also incorporate Geography by studying states, countries, and continents.

Teacher Helping a Student


Students will explore the creative process, develop their artistic skills and experiment with a variety of art materials.

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Students will participate in experiments, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings.

PE Class


Students will participate in weekly sport activities and develop the knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, behavioral skills, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles.


Here’s What They Say About Lighthouse Co-Op

"Lighthouse Co-Op has been amazing! My son and I like that the co-op has fun subjects like Spanish, Music, PE, and Science Experiments. Each teacher makes the class fun with hands-on activities, but my child is still learning. My son loves coming to co-op each time to learn, but he's also making new friends with all the kids. The teachers do a great job in keeping me informed with what my child is learning weekly but also about future activities and what is happening with the co-op."

Kayla Crittenden

"We have attended Lighthouse Co-Op since the very first week. My girls have loved every minute of Bible, Spanish, Music, and playing with new friends! They look forward to it every Tuesday!"

Gina Chappell

"We have really enjoyed Lighthouse Co-Op!! My 3 and 5 year old have so much fun and learn a lot every week. I even learn right along with them! The way they teach is so engaging and makes it a lot of fun for the kids. My hyper 5 year old even enjoys! Highly recommend if you're looking for the perfect co-op to join!"

Carley Johnson


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